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Saturday, March 17th  2018

OWL Technology Institute is an online school and e-learning services provider. We offer online CXC and GSAT lessons through the www.owl-tech.edu.jm website. Learners attend classes online via our virtual classroom. Learners also have access to practice tests.

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As an e-learning services provider we offer e-learning services including, consultation, LMS setup and management, virtual classroom rental, online test banks and websites designed especially for e-learning. These services are offered through our www.owl-tech.com website.

Exam Prep Practice Questions

"Get better results with our Exam Prep practice questions."


Exam Prep offers practice questions that test your understanding of the exam concepts as outlined in the syllabus. The questions are designed to assess and teach you about concepts necessary for your exam. Each test has 15 randomly selected questions from our online database and is timed for 15 minutes.


Our tests offer instant feedback, explanations (when necessary) and audio feedback at the end of the test. Exam Prep Tests are free to registered members of this website.


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